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The Health Effect of Hand Arm Transmitted Vibration
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 Title & Authors
The Health Effect of Hand Arm Transmitted Vibration
Koo, Jung-Wan;
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Objective: The aim of this study is to understand health effect of hand-arm transmitted vibration. Background: Electronic vibration tools have been used in many industries. These tools evoke hand-arm transmitted vibration that cause hand-arm vibration syndrome. Method: Various papers on the hand-arm transmitted vibration and its health effects have been reviewed to know what health effect caused. Results: Hand-arm transmitted vibration causes circulatory, neural, musculoskeletal and other disturbance. Conclusion: The previous studies focused on the epidemiology and physiology for hand-arm transmitted vibration. So, now we should focus on a prevention and guideline of hand-arm transmitted vibration. Application: These results can be used to know health effect of hand-arm transmitted vibration.
Hand arm vibration syndrome;Hand arm transmitted vibration;
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