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Ergonomic Evaluation of Console Chairs for a Weapon Locating Radar
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 Title & Authors
Ergonomic Evaluation of Console Chairs for a Weapon Locating Radar
Lee, Baekhee; Jung, Kihyo; Jeong, Jineun; Kim, Jinman; Hong, Wongi; Park, Seikwon; You, Heecheon;
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Objective:The present study is intended to evaluate the usability of a console chair for a weapon locating radar by comparing with different kinds of chair design. Background: Console chairs need to be ergonomically designed to reduce physical workload of operators and improve mission capability; few studies have been reported which systematically evaluate usability of military console chairs. Method: Ergonomic design of a console chair, a bus seat, and an office chair was evaluated in terms of headrest, seatback, seatpan, armrest, and controller on a 7-point scale. Ten males in their 20s and 30s were recruited considering the demographic characteristics of console operators. Results: The satisfaction scores of the console chair for headrest, seatback, and seatpan were significantly higher than those of the bus seat (mean difference [MD]
Ergonomic console chair;Weapon locating radar;Ergonomic evaluation;
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