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Ergonomic Assessment for Manual Materials Handling of Livestock Feed by Elderly Farmers in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Ergonomic Assessment for Manual Materials Handling of Livestock Feed by Elderly Farmers in Korea
Kim, Insoo; Lee, Kyung-Suk; Kim, Kyung-Ran; Chae, Hye-Seon; Kim, Sungwoo;
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Objective: The purpose of the study is to evaluate appropriate weight for aged farmers in manually handling livestock feed in bags using ergonomic methods. Background: In the livestock industry in South Korea, despite the trend of aging of labor manpower, heavy items are still manually handled in many farms. In particular, among stockbreeding works, the handling of feed in bags weighing 25~30kg is reported as a cause of frequent injuries and musculoskeletal system diseases. However, studies on the standard for recommended weight allowed considering the physical characteristics of aged farmers older than 60 years with greatly decreased physical strength and muscle strength are insufficient. Method: To evaluate appropriate weight for handling of heavy livestock feed in bags, physical techniques for measuring recognized levels of physical work loads, the NLE (NIOSH lifting equation) a method that is an observation type technique, and an ergonomic modeling technique to predict compressive force imposed on L5/S1 were used. Subjects who participated in the experiment were organized into two groups of males/females with mean age exceeding 60 years, and lifting tasks were evaluated for nine weight levels. Results: Based on the results of psychophysical measurement, females showed a tendency of more drastic increases compared to males when weight was over 19kg. The results of estimation of regression models for the weight, 18.0 kg ($r^2
Manual material handling;Psychophysical approach;Biomechanical technique;Livestock work;Elderly farmers;
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