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Comparison of cardiopulmonary resuscitation quality using the over-the-head and lateral conventional positions with a bag-valve-mask device performed by a single rescuer : A manikin study
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of cardiopulmonary resuscitation quality using the over-the-head and lateral conventional positions with a bag-valve-mask device performed by a single rescuer : A manikin study
Uhm, Tai-Hwan; Jung, Hyung-Keon;
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Purpose: There are few studies on the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) performed by a single rescuer using a bag-valve-mask device. The aim of this study is to compare CPR quality outcomes according to the rescuer`s position or mask fixation grip method and to determine the optimal means of achieving therapeutic goals. Methods: The three CPR methods were defined as over-the-head, lateral-superior, and lateral-inferior, depending on the rescuer`s position or mask fixation hand placement. CPR quality was estimated for 83 paramedic students who performed 5 minutes of CPR in a randomized sequence on a manikin using each of the three methods. Results: The over-the-head method showed no advantage for cardiac compression and ventilation quality, but minimized the rescuer`s fatigue score. Conclusion: In contrast to previous studies or prevailing beliefs, the lateral-superior position is optimal for achieving therapeutic goals with moderate or minimal rescuer fatigue.
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기관내삽관 및 후두튜브 삽관의 교육지속효과 -마네킨연구-,김정선;최욱진;

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