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The Stress Analysis of Planetary Gear System of Mixer Reducer for Concrete Mixer Truck
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  • Journal title : Journal of Drive and Control
  • Volume 12, Issue 4,  2015, pp.77-81
  • Publisher : Korea Society of Fluid Power & Construction Equipments
  • DOI : 10.7839/ksfc.2015.12.4.077
 Title & Authors
The Stress Analysis of Planetary Gear System of Mixer Reducer for Concrete Mixer Truck
Bae, Myung Ho; Bae, Tae Yeol; Cho, Yon Sang; Son, Ho Yeon; Kim, Dang Ju;
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In general, the gears of mixer reducer for concrete mixer truck make use of the differential type planetary gear system to rotate mixer drum smoothly on the initial conditions. The planetary gear system is very important part of mixer reducer for concrete mixer truck because of strength problem. In the present study, calculating the gear specifications and analyzing the gear bending & compressive stresses of the differential planetary gear system for mixer reducer are necessary to analyze gear bending and compressive stresses confidently, for optimal design of the planetary gear system in respect to cost and reliability. As a result, analyzing actual gear bending and compressive stresses of the planetary gear system using Lewes & Hertz equation and verifying the calculated specifications of the planetary gear system, evaluate the results with the data of allowable bending and compressive stress from the Stress-No. of cycles curves of gears.
Concrete Mixer Truck;Mixer Reducer;Planetary Gear System;Gear Bending Stress;Gear Compressive Stress;
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지게차용 기계유압식 무단변속기의 기어류에 대한 강도해석,배명호;배태열;최성광;

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