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Development and Evaluation of Automatic Steering System for Parallel Parking
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  • Journal title : Journal of Drive and Control
  • Volume 13, Issue 1,  2016, pp.18-26
  • Publisher : Korea Society of Fluid Power & Construction Equipments
  • DOI : 10.7839/ksfc.2016.13.1.018
 Title & Authors
Development and Evaluation of Automatic Steering System for Parallel Parking
Lee, Dae Hyun; Kim, Yong Joo; Kim, Tae Hyeong; Chung, Sun Ok; Choi, Chang Hyun;
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This research is conducted to develop an automatic steering system for parallel parking, and the performance of the system was evaluated by parallel parking a conventional vehicle. The automatic steering system consisted of MDPS (motor driven power steering) to control steering, ESC (electronic stability control) to acquire wheel speed, ultrasonic sensors to recognize the parking space, and a controller to communicate and handle data. The parallel parking process using the automatic steering control consisted of parking space recognition, parking path generation, and parking path tracking. The path for parallel parking was generated based on a kinematic model of a conventional vehicle, and a PI controller was used to control the steering angle for path tracking. Parallel parking using the automatic steering control was conducted according to vehicle speed conditions. The results show that the errors on the x-axis and y-axis were below 0.54 m and 0.14 m, respectively, and the error on the steering angle was less than . Therefore, it is possible to implement parallel parking using an automatic steering control system for conventional vehicles.
Parallel Parking;Automatic Steering Control;Path Generation;Path Tracking;Space Recognition;
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