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A Study on the Convergence Technique enhanced GrabCut Algorithm Using Color Histogram and modified Sharpening filter
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Convergence Technique enhanced GrabCut Algorithm Using Color Histogram and modified Sharpening filter
Park, Jong-Hun; Lee, Gang-Seong; Lee, Sang-Hun;
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In this paper, we proposed image enhancement method using sharpening filter for improving the accuracy of object detection using the existing Grabcut algorithm. GrabCut algorithm is the excellent performance extracting an object within a rectangular window range, but it has the drawback of the inferior performance in image with no clear distinction between background and objects. So, in this paper, reinforcing the brightness and clarity through histogram equalization, and tightening the border of the object using the sharpening filter look better than that extracted result of existing GrabCut algorithm in a similar image of the object and the background. Based on improved Grabcut algorithm, it is possible to obtain an improved result in the image processing convergence technique of character recognition, real-time object tracking and so on.
Object Extraction;GrabCut;Sharpening Filter;Color Histogram;Convergence Technique;
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클라우드 환경에서 안전한 스토리지 접근 제어를 위한 권한 관리 프로토콜 설계,민소연;이광형;진병욱;

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디지털융복합연구, 2016. vol.14. 7, pp.411-418 crossref(new window)
자동차 모니터를 이용한 스마트폰 미러링크 방법 및 효용성에 관한 융복합 연구,강희라;

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디지털융복합연구, 2016. vol.14. 5, pp.263-271 crossref(new window)
스마트 미디어에서의 아날로그 펜화기법 제작 연구 -어플리케이션 "스케치 플러스"를 중심으로,윤동준;오승환;

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