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Digital Coupon Gift-giving Model through Gift-Giving Motivation
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 Title & Authors
Digital Coupon Gift-giving Model through Gift-Giving Motivation
Jung, Jong-Duk; Yeo, Hyun-Jin;
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Since a smart phone has been popular, 91% of the internet users are utilizing the technology in all places for chatting and messenger which overtake share of voice and visual call utilization. The phenomenon is remarkable to young generations between teenager and thirties, which leads to mobile messenger shopping such as mobile digital voucher and coupon buy. In this research, we clarify whether traditional gift-giving motivations works on digital coupon gift-giving, and two technology acceptance model factors: perceived usefulness and ease of use affects between motivations and intention to gift-giving. The result shows three traditional gift-giving motivations: experiential, obligated and practical attitude affects intention to digital mobile coupon gift-giving and ease of use of the digital mobile coupon works parameter of the relation rather than usefulness. In other words, gift-giving purpose digital coupon users give a gift with traditional gift-giving motivation but has the stronger intetnion to gift-giving by technology ease of use.
Mobile Coupon;Digital Coupon;Gift-Giviing;Gift Motivation;Mobile Messenger;
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소셜커머스의 이용동기와 혜택 및 손실요인이 제품 구매만족도에 미치는 영향,이상민;

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모바일 쿠폰 선물증여 빈도에 따른 군집별 증여동기 차이에 관한 융합모형연구,여현진;

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산업재해 직업복귀자의 업무수행능력 융합적 영향 요인,김채봉;양정희;최보람;한성민;

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