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The Convergence effects of oral health education of kindergarteners
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 Title & Authors
The Convergence effects of oral health education of kindergarteners
Kim, Ji-Hwa; Kim, Gi-Ug;
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To study the effects of oral health education on children, weekly education sessions and surveys were held for 214 preschoolers, 6-7 years of age, in 2 K-area kindergartens for 4 weeks in July 2015. Statistics on oral health behaviors such as children with regular dental checkups(p<0.05), children who underwent fluoride application(p<0.05), children without dental caries diagnosis(p<0.001), children with mothers who underwent oral health education(p<0.05) showed significant difference. Oral health knowledge scores(6 being perfect) increased from pre-education scores of 4.96 to post-education score of 5.54. oral health behavior scores(11 being perfect) also increased from pre-education scores of 7.18 to post-education score of 7.75(p<0.001). Therefore, it is the author`s opinion that the development of oral health education programs with relatively short cycles, alongside systematic, practical, and repeated education would be beneficial.
Children;Kindergarten;oral health education;oral health knowledge;oral health behavior;
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