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Convergence factors among their physical state, function and activities influencing on the cognition of elderly residents in a community
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 Title & Authors
Convergence factors among their physical state, function and activities influencing on the cognition of elderly residents in a community
Park, Jin-Kyoung;
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A descriptive research is studied to identify the physical factors affecting to cognitive function among elderly residents over 65 years old in a community. The data were collected from 352 participants as part of a health-related survey by home visits in Seoul in 2010-2012. Their cognitive function was measured using the Korean form of Hasegawa Dementia Scale(HDS-K) and the collected data were analyzed by using t-test, ANOVA, and multiple regression analysis. From the analysis, the prevalence rate of cognitive impairment was 13.6%. Elderly residents in a community showed different cognition levels by the status of age, change of weight, change of BMI, walking and flexibility exercise. Especially, the lowest cognition level was found in the normal BMI group with decreased BMI change by over 3. The factors influencing on cognition level of the elderly with normal BMI were age, change of weight, change of BMI, and walking exercise. The variance indicated 12.2% as their cognition level. Therefore, for preventing the cognitive impairment of the elderly that were rapidly decreased of BMI, we need the program to manage their nutrition and walking exercise.
The Elderly;Cognition;Change of weight;Change of body mass index;Walking exercise;
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