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Correlation Study of Characteristics of Bio-medical Ethics and Self-esteem For Undergraduate Students
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 Title & Authors
Correlation Study of Characteristics of Bio-medical Ethics and Self-esteem For Undergraduate Students
Park, So-Yeon; Park, Kyoung-Young;
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The purpose of this study is to study of correlation of characteristcs of bio-medical ethics and self-esteem for undergraduate students and to compare bio-medical ethics perception between health science and non-health science undergraduate students. We investigated bio-medical ethics and self-esteem of 651 undergraduate students including health science students and non-health science students for two weeks in May, 2015. The results of this study showed significant correlation between self-esteem and bio-medical ethics. The higher self-esteem, the more important bio-medical ethics. But it showed no significant difference between two groups in bio-medical ethics about brain death, euthanasia except biotechnology.
Biomedical ethics;Biomedical ethics perception;Self-esteem;Biomedical ethics education;Health science undergraduate students;
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