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A Study on Counselor`s Professional Development Experiences of Undergraduate Students Through Reflective Journal Writing
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Counselor`s Professional Development Experiences of Undergraduate Students Through Reflective Journal Writing
Lee, Su-Young; Youn, Mi-Sun; Kim, Youngeun;
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The purpose of this study is to explore undergraduate students` professional growth experiences as a novice counselor through reflective journal writing. Study participants were six students who completed the counseling skills course. The analysis was done on their weekly reflective journals using Colaizzi`s phenomenological qualitative method. As a result, 11 sub-categories and 3 categories were emerged: increasing recognition and knowledge regarding counseling, being troubled and frustrated due to one`s inexperiences of counseling, trying to overcome frustration toward professional counselors. This study revealed counseling major undergraduate students` professional development experiences and can be utilized in counseling training program development in the future.
Undergraduate students;Counselor`s professional development;Reflective journal writing;Convergent educational method;Qualitative research;
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