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A study on the knowledge and awareness of care workers on the geriatric oral health
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 Title & Authors
A study on the knowledge and awareness of care workers on the geriatric oral health
Kim, Gi-Ug; Kim, Ji-Hwa;
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The study aims to examine the knowledge and awareness of care workers on oral health knowledge at the geriatric care facilities in order to improve and develop oral health services. For the research method, the study carried out a questionnaire survey to 163 care workers working at the geriatric care facilities (10) in D Metropolitan City from May 1~31, 2015 and then the collected data were statistically analyzed. As a result, the oral health knowledge of care workers was 20.09 points out of total 26 points (77.2%). The highest knowledge was `proper toothbrushing method` with 93.0% and the lowest one was `knowledge on the use of oral supplementary goods` with 58.1%. Those with experience of oral health education had higher demand on oral health education (P<0.001), and those with higher experience of oral health education had significantly higher oral health knowledge (P<0.001), demand (P<0.01) and awareness (P<0.05). As for factors influencing care workers` oral health awareness, if they had higher oral health knowledge points (P<0.01), oral health education demand (P<0.01), they had higher oral health awareness level. Accordingly, it is required to provide efficient, sustainable and practical oral health education of care workers considering oral characteristics of the long-term hospitalized patients at the care hospital. And, the role of dental hygienist as the person in charge of oral health education is necessary. Therefore, institutional support from the government is required to assign professional personnel.
Elderly people;Long-term Care Workers;Oral health knowledge;Oral health education;Oral health awareness;
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