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Fire Alarm Solutions Through the Convergence of Image Processing Technology and M2M
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 Title & Authors
Fire Alarm Solutions Through the Convergence of Image Processing Technology and M2M
Kang, Bo-Seon; Lee, Keun-Ho;
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Recent advances have been made in technology of sensor devices. Accordingly, the size of devices has been miniaturized, to which diverse functions can be applied. On top of that, the devices use image processing technology to observe circumstances of users` living spaces and detect risk situations saved in database. In case of detecting risk situations, M2M environment is constructed so that the information can be delivered to other communication devices to immediately raise an alarm. This paper aims to introduce solutions that construct M2M environment by using color detection algorithm of OpenCV and Raspberry Pi, raise an alarm to users in case of fire, and provide information on follow-up measures for it.
OpenCV;M2M;Image Tracing;Fire Alarm;Convergence;
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