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The Biometric Authentication based Dynamic Group Signature Scheme
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The Biometric Authentication based Dynamic Group Signature Scheme
Yun, Sunghyun;
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In a delegate authentication, a user can lend his/her own authentication data to the third parties to let them be authenticated instead of himself/herself. The user authentication schemes based on the memory of unique data such as password, are vulnerable to this type of attack. Biometric authentication could minimize the risk of delegate authentication since it uses the biometric data unique by each person. Group authentication scheme is used to prove that each group member belongs to the corresponding group. For applications such as an electronic voting or a mobile meeting where the number of group members is changing dynamically, a new group authentication method is needed to reflect the status of group in real time. In this paper, we propose biometric authentication based dynamic group signature scheme. The proposed scheme is composed of biometric key generation, group public key creation, group signature generation, group signature verification and member update protocols. The proposed member update protocol is secure against colluding attacks of existing members and could reflect group status in real time.
Signature Delegation;Biometric Authentication;Group Authentication;Mobile Business Meeting;Electronic Voting;
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