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A Study on Health Belief of Convergency Relation of Preventive Behaviors and Seroprevalence Rate of Hepatitis A with Some Adults
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Health Belief of Convergency Relation of Preventive Behaviors and Seroprevalence Rate of Hepatitis A with Some Adults
Ko, Seok-Gu; Lee, Ho-Shik;
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This study tries to look into the relationship between preventive behaviors and health belief for hepatitis A and seroprevanlence rate of hepatitis A. The cross ratio of seroprevanlence rate of hepatitis A significantly increased with an increase in age [1.210(95% CI, 1.158-1.264)], and those who had hepatitis A vaccination had a significantly higher cross ratio than those who didn`t [19.591(95% CI 6.524-58.82)], and the more health motivation they had, the higher the cross ratio was [1.478(95% CI 1.053-2.075)]. To increase seroprevalence rate of hepatitis A, it is necessary to provide personal hygiene for health motivation and prevention education thoroughly and to give vaccination of hepatitis A.
Hepatitis A;Preventive behaviors;Health belief;Seroprevanlence rate;Antibody;Vaccination;
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