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A Study on Commercialization Performance by the Level of Technology Management Activity and Technology Innovation Competency: Focused on Government Funded R&D Project for Start-up SMEs
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Commercialization Performance by the Level of Technology Management Activity and Technology Innovation Competency: Focused on Government Funded R&D Project for Start-up SMEs
Cho, Ki-Young; Baek, Nak-Ki; Chang, Youngsoon;
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This study analyzes the business performance of research and development(R&D) and especially studies the effect of technology management activity and technology innovation competency on commercialization performance. According to previous studies, the technology management activity can be composed of technological innovativeness, analysis of market, R&D method, and appropriateness for commercialization plan. Also, the technology innovation can be divided into patent, R&D manpower, R&D investment ratio, production capability, and marketing capability. On the result of the analysis, all the components of technology management activity are positively related with commercialization performance. In case of technology innovation competency, however, only production and marketing capabilities have influence on the business performance. Especially, marketing capability controls the effect of technology management activities on the commercialization performance. Consequently, technology management is very important activity for SMEs to succeed commercialization and SMEs should collaborate with production and marketing departments from the early stage of R&D.
Technology management;technology innovation;commercialization performance;
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