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Effects of CEO Leadership and Employee`s QM Participation on Innovation and Business Performances in Automotive` s Vendor
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 Title & Authors
Effects of CEO Leadership and Employee`s QM Participation on Innovation and Business Performances in Automotive` s Vendor
Koo, Il-Seob; Kim, Tae-Sung;
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The CEO leadership and employee`s concerning and participation to quality management innovation activity is critical factor for improving the business performance. This empirical study is aims to find that whether the quality management activity is significant or not in the automotive parts suppliers. To perform this research, we distributed 250 sheets totally, and withdraw 194 sheets. We analysed 169 sheets that we could use for this research using SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0. We had the results that CEO leadership is significantly positive effects on the employees`s participation to quality management. And the result of process improvement have positively effective and significant effects on the product improvement result and business performance of firms.
CEO Leadership;Participation;Quality Management;Process Improvement;Product Improvement;Business Performance;Automotive Parts Supplier;
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