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Dust Disks Around Young Stellar Objects
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 Title & Authors
Dust Disks Around Young Stellar Objects
Suh, Kyung-Won;
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To reproduce the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of young stellar objects (YSOs), we perform radiative transfer model calculations for the circumstellar dust disks with various shapes and many dust species. For eight sample objects of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be stars, we compare the theoretical model SEDs with the observed SEDs described by the infrared space observatory and Spitzer space telescope spectral data. We use the model, CGPLUS, for a passive irradiated circumstellar dust disk with an inner hole and an inner rim for the eight sample YSOs. We present model parameters for the dust disk, which reproduce the observed SEDs. We find that the model requires a higher mass, luminosity, and temperature for the central star for the Herbig Ae/Be stars than those for the T Tauri stars. Generally, the outer radius, total mass, thickness, and rim height of the theoretical dust disk for the Herbig Ae/Be stars are larger than those for the T Tauri stars.
stars;pre-main sequences;infrared;stars;circumstellar matter;dust;extinction;
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