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Nonlinear Bearing Only Target Tracking Filter
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Nonlinear Bearing Only Target Tracking Filter
Yoon, Jangho;
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The optimal estimation of a bearing only target tracking problem be achieved through the solution of the Fokker-Planck equation and the Bayesian update. Recently, a nonlinear filtering algorithm using a direct quadrature method of moments in which the associated Fokker-Planck equation can be propagated efficiently and accurately was proposed. Although this approach has demonstrated its promising in the field of nonlinear filtering in several examples, the "degeneracy" phenomenon, similar to that which exists in a typical particle filter, occasionally appears because only the weights are updated in the modified Bayesian rule in this algorithm. Therefore, in this paper to enhance the performance, a more stable measurement update process based upon the update equation in the Extended Kalman filters and a more accurate initialization and re-sampling strategy for weight and abscissas are proposed. Simulations are used to show the effectiveness of the proposed filter and the obtained results are promising.
Nonlinear Estimation;Kalman Filter;Fokker-Planck Equation;Bearing Only Tracking;
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