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Relationship between Nasal Endoscopy Index for Pattern Identification and Cold-heat Pattern Identification in Allergic Rhinitis Patients
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 Title & Authors
Relationship between Nasal Endoscopy Index for Pattern Identification and Cold-heat Pattern Identification in Allergic Rhinitis Patients
Ahn, Jin-Hyang; Kim, Min-Hee; Yun, Young-Hee; Choi, In-Hwa;
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Objective : The aim of this study was to suggest guidelines using Nasal endoscopy index for objective pattern identification in allergic rhinitis patients. we performed a clinical study to investigate the relationship between Nasal endoscopy index and Cold-heat pattern identification for allergic rhinitis patients.Methods : We assessed 32 patients with allergic rhinitis using Nasal endoscopy index and the patients filled in Cold-Heat pattern questionnaires. Then, we analyzed the relationship between Nasal endoscopy index and Cold-heat pattern identification.Results : Pale and watery rhinorrhea scores were positively correlated with Cold questionnaire score (P<0.05).Conclusion : The results suggest that pattern identification using nasal endoscopy for allergic rhinitis can be useful for assessing the diagnosis of Cold-heat pattern identification and deciding guidelines of treatment.Acknowledgments : This work was supported by a Grant of the Traditional Korean Medicine R&D Project, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea (HI12C1889 and HI13C0530).
allergic rhinitis;nasal endoscopy index;cold-heat pattern identification;
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