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A Case Study of Ocular Motility Disorders caused by Thalamus, Midbrain and Pontine Infarctions
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 Title & Authors
A Case Study of Ocular Motility Disorders caused by Thalamus, Midbrain and Pontine Infarctions
Eom, Ye-Jin; Hong, Chul-Hee;
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Objectives : The aim of this study is to report the effect of Korean medicine treatment on ocular motility disorders (ptosis, bilateral upward gaze palsy, adduction impairment, and strabismus) caused by thalamus, midbrain and pontine infarctions.Methods : The patient was treated by using acupuncture, hominis placenta pharmacoacupuncture, and electroacupuncture treatment. The change of ptosis was evaluated by measurement of palpebral fissure width. The change of gaze palsy and strabismus were evaluated by comparison the photographs of the extraocular movements of patient. Strabismus also was evaluated by corneal reflex test.Results : Gaze palsy and strabismus were improved. Ptosis disappeared after Korean medicine treatment.Conclusions : Korean medicine treatment should be effective for the ocular motility disorders caused by thalamus, midbrain and pontine infarctions.
Gaze palsy;Oculomotor nerve palsy;Ptosis;Trochlear nerve palsy;Strabismus;
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