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A Case Study of Soeumin patients with Herpes zosters
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 Title & Authors
A Case Study of Soeumin patients with Herpes zosters
Oh, Jin-Ah; Shin, Mi-Ran;
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Objectives : This study reports a case of Soeumin patients with Herpes zostersMethods : We examined progress of Soeumin Herpes zoster patient`s symptoms (skin blisters, pain, insomnia, etc.) and complications when during and after the treatments.Results : Soeumin Herpes zoster patient was diagnosed as Yang Depletion. Yongdamsagan-tang, Sweet BV, were effective for decrease the patient`s skin blisters and pain. Soeumin Bojungikgi-tang prevented the patient`s aftereffects.Conclusions : Soeumin Herpes zoster patient who had severe pain, blisters, and sleep disorder, was expected high risk of postherpetic neuralgia. But diagnosed Yang Depletion symptomatology and treated with Soeumin Bojungikgi-tang, patient recover completely without sequelae.
Herpes zosters;Sasang constitutional medicine;Soeumin;Yongdamsagan-tang;Soeumin Bojungikgi-tang;
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