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A Clinical Study for Moisturizing Effects of Herbal Cosmetics Containing Sinhyotakrisan Extracts
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 Title & Authors
A Clinical Study for Moisturizing Effects of Herbal Cosmetics Containing Sinhyotakrisan Extracts
Kang, Min-Seo; Kim, Yong-Min; Kim, Hee-Taek;
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Objectives : The purpose of this study is to confirm the moisturizing effects of Herbal cosmetics containing Sinhyotakrisan(SHTL) extracts on facial skin.Methods : A total of 23 women who visited Semyung Oriental Medical Center from January 10th, 2014 to Feburary 12th, 2014 were included in the study. Provided both cosmetics containing Sinhyotakrisan extract and control products, all the subjects applied one of them to half face and another to remaining half for 4 weeks. We observed change of skin hydration, skin elasticity, skin scale in 0 week, 2 weeks, and 4weeks. Statistical anyalysis was performed by using SPSS, and statistical significance was achieved if the proability was less than 5%(p<0.05).Results : 1. After 4 weeks of using SHTL, skin hydration showed a statistically significant increase compared with using control product(p
Sinhyotakrisan;Herbal cosmetics;Moisturizing;Skin hydration;Skin elasticitiy;
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