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Responses of Phyllotreta striolata and Athalia rosae ruficornis to Colored-sticky Traps and Aggregation Pheromone and Seasonal Fluctuations in Radish Fields on Jeju Island
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 Title & Authors
Responses of Phyllotreta striolata and Athalia rosae ruficornis to Colored-sticky Traps and Aggregation Pheromone and Seasonal Fluctuations in Radish Fields on Jeju Island
Song, Jeong Heub; Yang, Young Taek; Yang, Cheol Jun; Choi, Byeong Ryul; Jwa, Chang Sook;
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Striped flea beetle, Phyllotreta striolata (SFB) and turnip sawfly, Athalia rosae ruficornis (TSF) are two economically important sporadic pests in radish fields on Jeju island. The response of adult SFB and TSF to a mixture of aggregation pheromone, (+)-(6R,7S)-himachala-9,11-diene and host plant volatile, allyl isothiocyanate (HAI), as well as to yellow and blue sticky traps was examined in radish fields. Adult SFB was more attracted to the sticky trap with HAI, regardless of the color of the sticky trap; however, adult TSF was more attracted on the yellow sticky trap than blue, and no effect of HAI was observed. The adult SFB and TSF can be effectively monitored using yellow sticky traps placed 10 cm above the plant canopy. SFB and TSF had 3 and 5 peak times in a year, respectively. The first peak occurred in the middle of March for SFB and mid-late of April for TSF. We expect that the results of the present study can facilitate minimizing the damage caused by the two important pests in commercial radish fields.
Radish;Phyllotreta striolata;Athalia rosae ruficornis;Seasonal fluctuation;Trap response;Aggregation pheromone;
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