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The Status of Pest Occurrence on Phalaenopsis Orchid in Korea
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 Title & Authors
The Status of Pest Occurrence on Phalaenopsis Orchid in Korea
Kim, Dong Hwan; Cho, Myoung Rae; Kang, Taek Jun; Yang, Chang Yeol; Kim, Hyeong Hwan; Yoon, Jung Beom;
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The pest species occurring on the aboveground parts of Phalaenopsis orchids were studied for a period of two years (Aug. 2013 to June 2015) at 9 Phalaenopsis farms in Korea. In total, 10 species of insect pest were identified : Tenuipalpus pacificus Baker, Tyrophagus putrescentiae Schrank, Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande, Frankliniella intonsa Trybom, Thrips tabaci Lindeman, Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood, Pseudococcus dendrobiorum Williams, Pseudococcus longispinus Targioni Tozzetti, Coccus hesperidum L., Limax marginatus . T. pacificus occurred in most of the farms surveyed in this study (6). The observation frequency of T. pacificus and F. intonsa were highest, they were observed in 10 out of 96 surveys. Although P. longispinus was only observed to occur on two farms, their observation frequency (9 observations, 9.4%) and density (2-289 per 20 plants) were high. Thus, it seems that T. pacificus, F. intonsa, and P. longispinus are the major pests affecting Phalaenopsis orchid farms in Korea.
Phalaenopsis;Pests;Damages;Tenuipalpus pacificus;Pseudococcus longispinus;
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