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Efficacy Test of Mating Disruptors Against Peach Fruit Moth, Grapholita molesta, using Polypropylene Dispenser Containing Ester Wax
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 Title & Authors
Efficacy Test of Mating Disruptors Against Peach Fruit Moth, Grapholita molesta, using Polypropylene Dispenser Containing Ester Wax
Yoon, Ji Young; Kim, Da Eun; Im, Yu Na; Lee, Ji Sung; Yang, Chang Yeol; Kim, Jong-Duk;
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Grapholita molesta (GM) has been considered as a major problem to apple and peach orchards. Mating disrupters have been applied to control the pest over the world as an Integrated Pest Management [IPM] tool. Various types of dispensers releasing mating disrupters have been developed with different formulation of wax, polyethylene tube and aerosol. In this study, the dispensers that were composed of ester waxes and polypropylene (PP) film were used as dispenser materials to analyze release pattern of GM pheromone compared with paraffin wax and polyethylene (PE) film. The release pattern in PP film group was consistent with time while PE film group irregular. Based on these results, Japan wax_PP film dispenser (Japan_PP) was manufactured and showed the mating disruption effect of 98% during 5months in peach orchard.
Peach;Grapholita molesta;Mating disrupter;Ester wax;Polymer film;
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