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Patterns of Insect Pest Occurrences and Dasineura oxycoccana Johnson in Blueberry Farms in Jeonbuk Province
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 Title & Authors
Patterns of Insect Pest Occurrences and Dasineura oxycoccana Johnson in Blueberry Farms in Jeonbuk Province
Lim, Ju-Rak; Kim, Eun-Ju; Moon, Hyung-Cheol; Cho, Chong-Hyeon; Han, Soo-Gon; Kim, Hee-June; Song, Young-Ju;
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Thirty-seven species of insect pests were surveyed on different area blueberry farms in Jeonbuk province during 2013~2014. Six principal insect pests were found, including Dasineura oxycoccana Johnson, Aphis gossypii Glover, Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood, Ricania sp., Hyphantria cunea Drury, and Latoia consocia Walker. A. gossypii infestation was severe at Iksan and Jinan in middle May. S. dorsalis infestation was severe at all surveyed area in early June, which is the flowering season, and the degree of damage caused was higher in young plants. Ricania sp. was abundant in Jinan and Sunchang, and then appeared to spread across all areas in Jeonbuk. H. cunea had a tendency to concentrate in Iksan during June. Five species of Limacodidae was found, including L. consocia, which was dominant in all areas surveyed, with densities higher then those of the others four species. The degree of damage due to D. oxycoccana was higher in the plain areas (Iksan) than in the middle-mountain areas (Jinan, Sunchang). The rate of damage was 60~78% higher in young plant stages (i.e., those under 3 years of tree age) than in those over 5 years old (30~50%). Moreover, the rate of damage observed in greenhouses was 50~80% higher than that observed in the field (30~40%).
Insect pests;Blueberry;Dasineura oxycoccana Johnson;Damage rates;
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