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Cytogenetic Analyses of Astragalus Species
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 Title & Authors
Cytogenetic Analyses of Astragalus Species
Kim, Soo-Young; Choi, Hae-Woon; Kim, Chan-Soo; Sung, Jung-Sook; Lee, Joong-Ku; Bang, Jae-Wook;
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To elucidate cytogenetic differences, karyotype analysis and FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) with 45S and 5S rDNAs were carried out in the three Astragalas species: Astragalas membranaceus Bunge, A. membranaceus var. alpinus Nakai and A. mongholicus Bunge. The somatic metaphase chromosome numbers of all three species were 2n=2x=16 and the size of chromosomes ranged . The chromosome complement of A. membranaceus consisted of each four pairs of metacentrics (chromosomes 3,4,6 and 7) and submetacentrics (chromosomes 1,2,4 and 8). In A. membranaceus var. alpinus, the chromosome complement consisted of two pairs of metacentrics (chromosomes 4 and 8) and six pairs of submetacentrics (chromosomes 1,2,3,5,6 and 7). A. mongholicus had three pairs of metacentrics (chromosomes 6,7 and 8) and five pairs of submetacentrics (chromosomes 1,2,3,4 and 5). Using bicolor-FISH, one pair of 45S and 5S rDNA signals could be detected on the centromeric regions of chromosomes 8 and 7 of A. membranaceus and A. mongholicus, respectively. In contrast, A, membranaceus var. alpinus had one pair of 45S signals on the centromeric region of chromosome 8 and two pairs of 5S rDNA signals on the short arms of chromosomes 7 and 8.
Astragalus membranaceus Bunge;A. membranaceus var. alpinus Nakai;A. mongholicus Bunge;karyotype;rDNAs;bicolor-FISH;
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체세포분열과 감수분열 및 bicolor FISH를 이용한 섬시호의 세포유전학적 분석,김수영;방재욱;이중구;

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쪽의 핵형분석과 rRNA 유전자의 염색체상 위치,최혜운;이상훈;김수영;방재욱;

한국약용작물학회지, 2008. vol.16. 3, pp.195-198
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한국자원식물학회지, 2007. vol.20. 5, pp.446-450
제주특산 한라참나물(Pimpinella hallaisanensis)의 핵형분석과 Bicolor FISH,김수영;김찬수;도재화;이중구;

식물분류학회지, 2008. vol.38. 2, pp.151-162
한국 약용식물 33분류군의 염색체수와 핵형분석,김수영;김찬수;김건래;김진기;박상홍;장태수;이원규;이중구;

한국약용작물학회지, 2008. vol.16. 3, pp.161-167
황기 자가불화합성과 배 발달,김영국;유홍섭;성낙술;박호기;손석용;

한국약용작물학회지, 2008. vol.16. 5, pp.287-293
노화수분, NaCl 및 $CO_2$ 처리가 황기의 자가불화합성 타파에 미치는 영향,김영국;김동휘;박춘근;여준환;안영섭;박호기;

한국자원식물학회지, 2009. vol.22. 5, pp.467-472
5S와 45S rDNA 유전자를 이용한 제주도산 애기더덕 (Codonopsis minima)과 더덕 (C. lanceolata)의 FISH 패턴 분석,김수영;김찬수;

한국약용작물학회지, 2010. vol.18. 3, pp.186-190
한국산 황기의 분류학적 위치 및 유전적 분화,최인수;김소영;최병희;

식물분류학회지, 2013. vol.43. 1, pp.12-21 crossref(new window)
정선황기의 세포유전학적 연구,한상은;김현희;허권;

식물분류학회지, 2013. vol.43. 2, pp.139-145 crossref(new window)
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