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Germination Characteristics and Early Growth of Acer pictum subsp. mono (Maxim.) H. Ohashi by Harvesting Dates
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 Title & Authors
Germination Characteristics and Early Growth of Acer pictum subsp. mono (Maxim.) H. Ohashi by Harvesting Dates
Song, Ki Seon; Yoon, Jun Hyuck; Jeon, Kwon Seok; Kim, Chang Hwan; Park, Yong Bae; Kim, Jong Jin;
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Background : Acer pictum is a deciduous tree belonging to the family Aceraceae. This study was conducted to collect basic data on mass propagation techniques by surveying the germination and growth characteristics of A. pictum seeds. Methods and Results : A. pictum seeds were harvested in 2014 on August 19, September 5, September 29 and October 31. The seeds were then sown on the same dates they were harvested. A portion of seeds harvested in August 2014 were stored at low temperatures and subsequently sown on March 11, 2015. The germination rate of A. pictum seeds was highest in seeds that were stored harvested on October 31. Mean germination time (MGT) was shortest and germination velocity (Rs) was fastest in seeds harvested on October 31. Root collar diameter, total root length, and dry weight were also highest from seeds collected October 31. Conclusions : A. pictum seeds harvested on October 31 had highest germination and growth rates compared with seeds harvested on earlier dates. It is expected that these results demonstrating optimum harvesting and sowing dates will be applicable to future seedling production for this tree species.
Acer pictum;Dry Weight;Early Growth;Germination Rate;Harvesting and Sowing Dates;
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