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A Study of Lower Extremities Joint Moment Pattern by Stance Types in Tennis Serve
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A Study of Lower Extremities Joint Moment Pattern by Stance Types in Tennis Serve
Kim, Sung-Sup; Kim, Eui-Hwan; Kim, Euy-Jin;
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The purpose of this study was to analyze the lower extremities joint moment pattern by two types of service motion in tennis pinpoint and platform stance. Seven skilled high school tennis players participated, and the kinematics were recorded by the Vicon motion analysis system. For the gathering and analysis of the data Workstation, Bodybuilder and polygon were used. joint moments and Ground Reaction Forces for the phases involved were analyzed with the following results. There was a different moment pattern for the lower extremities between the two serve motions. For the platform stance there was only a large dorsal flexion moment but for the pinpoint stance there were other large moments. The flexion and maximum moment of the lower extremities occurred at the point of change from back swing and to the forward swing motion. Therefore, this data provides evidence that there is a high risk of injury at this point.
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