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Developing of Functional Sport Underpants using Infrared Thermal Image Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Developing of Functional Sport Underpants using Infrared Thermal Image Analysis
Lee, Joong-Sook; Yang, Jeong-Ok; Lee, Bom-Jin;
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Objective : This study is for providing data about men`s functional sport underpants. It provides the fundamental data of biomechanics by measuring and analyzing the functionality of various underpants using infrared thermal image camera. Method : Then author drew a conclusion based on the final analysis of 965 questionnaire survey results about issues on men`s functional sport underpants after discarding invalid questionnaires, as following. Change in body temperature while wearing functional underpants compared to general briefs or boxer pants showed lower temperature by approximately 1~2 degrees Celsius. In the case of general underpants, wearer sweats and feels hotter due to the friction of penis, scrotum and thigh. However functional sport functional underpants improved this issue with ergonomic 3D design by putting penis towards the lower part of the abdomen(below the navel) while putting the scrotum comfortably on the testicles, which enables to make room between the penis, scrotum and thigh of a wearer. Results : This was analyzed to lower the temperature of penis and scrotum. The survey results about the quality of functional underpants showed that 78% of the respondents felt comfortable while driving; 68.5% replied that frictional heat decreased while working out; 78.7% felt less sweat and humidity; 81.7% replied as highly wearable and comfortable; 77.1% replied functional sport underpants were the most comfortable in routine lives or in workout times. Putting all such results together, it is possible to conclude that functional sport is an excellent product. Conclusion : This can be evaluated as an excellent functional sport underpants, towards the penis abdomen (under the navel) in 3D human engineering design, by the scrotum to wearing to be easier to scrotum of pocket, the penis and scrotum and thighs were separated and analyzed with a function that will lower the body temperature of the penis and scrotum.
Functional Sport Underpants;Sweat;Humidity;Body Temperature;Antibacterial;Comfortable;Infrared Thermal Image Analysis;
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