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Automatic Detection Algorithm for Snoring and Heart beat Using a Single Piezoelectric Sensor
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 Title & Authors
Automatic Detection Algorithm for Snoring and Heart beat Using a Single Piezoelectric Sensor
Urtnasan, Erdenebayar; Park, Jong-Uk; Jeong, Pil-Soo; Lee, Kyoung-Joung;
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In this paper, we proposed a novel method for automatic detection for snoring and heart beat using a single piezoelectric sensor. For this study multi-rate signal processing technique was applied to detect snoring and heart beat from the single source signal. The sound event duration and intensity features were used to snore detection and heart beat was found by autocorrelation. The performance of the proposed method was evaluated on clinical database, which is the nocturnal piezoelectric snoring data of 30 patients that suffered obstructive sleep apnea. The method achieved sensitivity of 88.6%, specificity of 96.1% with accuracy of 95.6% for snoring and sensitivity of 94.1% and positive predictive value of 87.6% for heart beat, respectively. These results suggest that the proposed method can be a useful tool in sleep monitoring and sleep disordered breathing diagnosis.
snoring;heart beat;obstructive sleep apnea;piezoelectric sensor;
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