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Performance Estimation of an Implantable Epileptic Seizure Detector with a Low-power On-chip Oscillator
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 Title & Authors
Performance Estimation of an Implantable Epileptic Seizure Detector with a Low-power On-chip Oscillator
Kim, Sunhee; Choi, Yun Seo; Choi, Kanghyun; Lee, Jiseon; Lee, Byung-Uk; Lee, Hyang Woon; Lee, Seungjun;
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Implantable closed-loop epilepsy controllers require ideally both accurate epileptic seizure detection and low power consumption. On-chip oscillators can be used in implantable devices because they consume less power than other oscillators such as crystal oscillators. In this study, we investigated the tolerable error range of a lower power on-chip oscillator without losing the accuracy of seizure detection. We used 24 ictal and 14 interictal intracranial electroencephalographic segments recorded from epilepsy surgery patients. The performance variations with respect to oscillator frequency errors were estimated in terms of specificity, modified sensitivity, and detection timing difference of seizure onset using Generic Osorio Frei Algorithm. The frequency errors of on-chip oscillators were set at as the worst case. Our results showed that an oscillator error of affected both specificity and modified sensitivity by less than 3%. In addition, seizure onsets were detected with errors earlier or later than without errors and the average detection timing difference varied within less than 0.5 s range. The results suggest that on-chip oscillators could be useful for low-power implantable devices without error compensation circuitry requiring significant additional power. These findings could help the design of closed-loop systems with a seizure detector and automated stimulators for intractable epilepsy patients.
implantable biomedical devices;low power;on-chip oscillators;performance evaluation;seizure detector;
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