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The Estimation of Activated Prefrontal Brain Area due to The Execution of Mental Tasks using fNIRS
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 Title & Authors
The Estimation of Activated Prefrontal Brain Area due to The Execution of Mental Tasks using fNIRS
Hong, Seunghyeok; Lee, Jongmin; Heo, Jeong; Baek, Hyun Jae; Park, Kwang Suk;
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The activation of prefrontal cortex of brain during some mental tasks like mental arithmetic induce has been studied using hemodynamic imaging modalities. In this study, we focused on the differentiation of activated area in local prefrontal brain caused by the different mental activities as well as evaluating the classification accuracy of in-house fNIRS system. The study preliminarily validated the device including the signal quality and tightness of contact between detectors and prefrontal area. Experimental results of mental tasks on 5 subjects showed the subject dependent tendencies in correlated prefrontal activation and the area of highest accuracy.
fuctional Near Infra-red Spectroscopy;fNIRS;Prefrontal cortex;Mental task;
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