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Time-Varying Hemodynamic Characteristics Simulation using Computerized Mock Circulatory Loop System with Servo Flow Regulator
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 Title & Authors
Time-Varying Hemodynamic Characteristics Simulation using Computerized Mock Circulatory Loop System with Servo Flow Regulator
Moon, Youngjin; Son, Kuk Hui; Choi, Jaesoon;
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A mock circulatory loop system has been developed to construct a simulator for trainees in cardiopulmonary bypass systems or to simulate a test environment for cardiac-assist devices. This paper proposes a computerized mock circulatory loop system whose node is modularized by using a servo control flow regulator to simulate dynamic change of the hemodynamic status. To observe the effect of time-varying resistance, one with hemodynamic properties, the proposed system replicates the planned cross-sectional areas of the outlet of a ventricular assist device in terms of voltage input of a servo valve. The experiment is performed (1) for steady-input commands of selected area sizes and (2) for dynamic commands such as monotonous increase and decrease, and oscillatory functions of the voltage input, and a computer program based on LabVIEW (National Instruments, Austin, USA) processes every measured data and control command to the servo valve. The results show that the pressure and flow at the target points with respect to time-varying resistance match intuitive estimation: the pressure at the outlet and the pressure drop between both sides of the valve increased and the flow at the outlet decreased for increased resistance.
Mock circulation loop system;Hemodynamic characteristics;Resistance;Flow regulator;
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