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A Feasibility Study of a SiPM Based Intraoperative Beta Imaging/Gamma Probe using the Depth of Interaction Measurement
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 Title & Authors
A Feasibility Study of a SiPM Based Intraoperative Beta Imaging/Gamma Probe using the Depth of Interaction Measurement
Kwak, In-Suk; Kang, Han Gyu; Son, Jeong-Whan; Lee, Jae Sung; Hong, Seong Jong;
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Radiopharmaceutical agents for positron emission tomography (PET), such as -FDG and , have been used not only for whole-body PET imaging but also for intraoperative radionuclide-guided surgery due to their quantitative and sensitive imaging characteristics. Current intraoperative probes detect gamma or beta particles, but not both of them. Gamma probes have low sensitivities since a collimator has to be used to reduce backgrounds. Positron probes have a high tumor-to-background ratio, but they have a 1-2 mm depth limitation from the body surface. Most of current intraoperative probes produce only audible sounds proportional to count rates without providing tumor images. This research aims to detect both positrons and annihilation photons from using plastic scintillators and a GAGG scintillation crystal attached to silicon photomultiplier (SiPM). The depth-of-interaction (DOI) along the plastic scintillator can be used to obtain the 2-D images of tumors near the body surface. The front and rear part of the intraoperative probe consists of plastic scintillators () for positron detection and a Ce:GAGG scintillation crystal () for annihilation photon detection, respectively. The DOI resolution of along the plastic scintillator was obtained by using the 3M enhanced specular reflector (ESR) with rectangular holes between the plastic scintillators, which showed the feasibility of a 2-D image pixel size of (X-direction Y-direction).
Gamma detection;Intraoperative probe;Positron detection;Radionuclide guided surgery;Silicon photomultiplier (SiPM);Sentinel lymph node (SLN);
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