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ROI Study for Diffusion Tensor Image with Partial Volume Effect
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 Title & Authors
ROI Study for Diffusion Tensor Image with Partial Volume Effect
Choi, Woohyuk; Yoon, Uicheul;
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In this study, we proposed ameliorated method for region of interest (ROI) study to improve its accuracy using partial volume effect (PVE). PVE which arose in volumetric images when more than one tissue type occur in a voxel, could be used to reduce an amount of gray matter and cerebrospinal fluid within ROI of diffusion tensor image (DTI). In order to define ROIs, individual b0 image was spatially aligned to the JHU DTI-based atlas using linear and non-linear registration ( Fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity (MD) maps were estimated by fitting diffusion tensor model to each image voxel, and their mean values were computed within each ROI with PVE threshold. Participants of this study consisted of 20 healthy controls, 27 Alzheimer`s disease and 27 normal-pressure hydrocephalus patients. The result showed that the mean FA and MD of each ROI were increased and decreased respectively, but standard deviation was significantly decreased when PVE was applied. In conclusion, the proposed method suggested that PVE was indispensable to improve an accuracy of DTI ROI study.
Diffusion tensor imaging;Partial volume effect;Fractional anisotropy;Mean diffusivity;
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