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Load Sharing Ratios Between the Cortex and Centrum in a Lumbar Vertebral Body with aging using Finite Element Method
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 Title & Authors
Load Sharing Ratios Between the Cortex and Centrum in a Lumbar Vertebral Body with aging using Finite Element Method
Lim, JongWan;
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This research was aimed to analyze load sharing ratios between cortical shell and trabecular bone of a degraded lumbar vertebra with aging, and also evaluate elastic moduli assigned into an FE model, using finite element method. For the better analysis of trabecular bone, effective elastic moduli, that is, nominal elastic moduli divided by the volumetric porosities was used. The elastic moduli of the cortical shell suitable for the trabecular bone were obtained from the equations on the basis of idealized stress-strain relations, including areal porosities. To minimize numerical errors, p-element was used. Using eight parameters that refer to some published papers, the geometry of L3 with a removed posterior part. After the constant compressive displacement was applied, the load sharing ratios were obtained by using both every elastic strain energy and every vertical force between two bones in each 8-volume. As results, 1) according to an increase in age from 20-year to 80-year, load sharing ratios of trabecular bone decreased from 55% to 49%; 2) the maximal ratios of each bone were occurred in the mid-plane of centrums and the endplate of cortical shells, respectively; 3) effective elastic moduli assigned into a porous centrum/cortex were found to be adequate; 4) for load sharing ratios, the difference of two methods showed that the total ratios were almost same within less than 1% but the partial ratios at every depth were more or less different each other.
Porosity;Age;Trabecular bone;Effective elastic modulus;Cortex;
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