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Survey on Health Status and Food Habits of Male College Students in Wonju Area According to Drinking Behavior
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 Title & Authors
Survey on Health Status and Food Habits of Male College Students in Wonju Area According to Drinking Behavior
Lee, Seung-Lim;
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This study was performed to investigate the health status and food habits of male college students in Wonju according to drinking behavior. A total of 204 (drinking group: 133, non-drinking group: 71) male college students were recruited and a questionnaire-based survey was conducted. General characteristics, drinking-related factors, health status, and food habits were investigated. Data were analyzed by SPSS program (ver 21.0). The type of residence (P<0.05) and obesity rate (P<0.05) were significantly different by drinking status. Frequency of drinking was 65.2%, and 39.9% of subjects started drinking upon entering college. The motivation to start drinking was `from necessity`. Reason for drinking was `Social relations`. The most frequent drinking opportunity in college was `membership training`. The favorite kind of drink was beer. Health status factor scores for `concerns about health (P<0.05)`, and `smoking (P<0.05)` were significantly higher in drinking group than those in non-drinking group. Food habits score (drinking group: 50.9 vs non-drinking group: 52.4, P<0.01) was significantly lower in the drinking group. Scores for `I have breakfast regularly (P<0.05)`, `Do not eat the junk food often (P<0.05)`, and `Do not eat out often (P<0.05)` were significantly lower in the drinking group. `Drink milk every day` was significantly higher in the drinking group.
drinking;health status;food habits;male college students;
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