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Basic Study on the Development of Impact Protective Pants and Falls of Elderly Women
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  • Journal title : Fashion & Textile Research Journal
  • Volume 16, Issue 6,  2014, pp.945-953
  • Publisher : The Korean Society for ClothIng Industry
  • DOI : 10.5805/SFTI.2014.16.6.945
 Title & Authors
Basic Study on the Development of Impact Protective Pants and Falls of Elderly Women
Lee, Jin Suk; Park, Jung Hyun; Lee, Jeong Ran;
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This study investigates the characteristics of elementary school students' feet growth, comparing and analyzed the measured values and the index values of 3D scan data. As the results from analyzing the measured values, all measurement items (except for 'Toe 5 angle') showed some significant differences among age classes, knowing that elementary school students' feet continued to grow. The items of length, thickness, width, height and circumference indicate some rapid growth of feet at 11 years of age; however, it appears slowing growth of 'Foot width' after 11 years of age. The angle item did not show any sequential differences according to age. As the results from analyzing the index values, the children in higher grades have longer 'Toe 5', thicker ankles, wider and thicker superior parts of feet than children in lower grades. The Arch height was low and thick for the superior and the middle part of feet were lowly raised. The inferior part of feet showed a narrow width and higher height. The Medial ball width was wide and the Toe 1 angle was high for children in higher grades; consequently, the Metatarsophalangeal I might be more projected than children in lower grades. Likewise, the male students' index values were higher knowing that the male students' feet shape was bigger than female students' feet.
fall;fall experienced;elderly women;impact protective pants;
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