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Evaluation Method for Fit of Golf wears based on 3D Motion Analysis - Focus on motion range of upper body -
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  • Journal title : Fashion & Textile Research Journal
  • Volume 18, Issue 3,  2016, pp.338-350
  • Publisher : The Society of Fashion and Textile Industry
  • DOI : 10.5805/SFTI.2016.18.3.338
 Title & Authors
Evaluation Method for Fit of Golf wears based on 3D Motion Analysis - Focus on motion range of upper body -
Chung, Hye-Won; Shin, Ju-Young Annie; Nam, Yun-Ja;
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The purpose of this study is to analyze joint angle for a range of swing motion derived through 3D motion analysis in order to design the ergonomic golf wear, use it for evaluation method of apparel fit to improve exercise functionality and provide the basic materials necessary for designing clothes. In order to do this, the subjects for this study were 3 men of age 20s. The data for a range of motion of golf swing were collected by using equipment for 3D motion analysis and then were used for analysis of joint angles and evaluation method of apparel fit. Range of motion was derived through 3D motion analysis of golf swing motion and joint angles for items of joint motion item and of X, Y, and Z-axis were calculated, respectively. In order to set the evaluation questions for evaluation of apparel fit, to find a range of motion at the maximal value and the minimal value of swing motion. As a result, during the swinging motion, neck extension, right shoulder extension, right/left elbow extension, right/left elbow supination did not appear. Items of joint motion showing the maximum at range of each swing motion were applied into 55 questions and consisted. The results of this study were meaningful as a basic study to apply 3D motion analysis to the fashion industry. It`s expected to be used to design functional clothing.
3D motion analysis;range of motion;joint angle;evaluation method of motion suitability;ergonomics golf wear;
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