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Effect of Flare Angle in Counter-Rotating Swirler on Swirling Flow
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Flare Angle in Counter-Rotating Swirler on Swirling Flow
Kim, Taek Hyun; Kim, Sung Don; Jin, Yu In; Min, Seong Ki;
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Swirler generates the overall swirling flow in the combustion chamber and this swirling flow governs the flame stability and enhances fuel atomization. This paper deals with the flare angle effects on flow streamlines, recirculation zone, Central Toroidal Recirculation Zone(CTRZ) and Corner Recirculation Zone(CRZ) in the model combustion chamber using counter-rotating swirler. 2D PIV system was employed to obtain the velocity components and test condition was obtained using Reynolds Analogy equivalent to air test. We observed transitional flow patterns of flare angle increased. The obtained results show that the flare angle controls the behavior of Recirculation zone, Central Toroidal Recirculation Zone and Corner Recirculation Zone.
Swirling flow;Flare;Counter-Rotating;PIV system;Recirculation zone;
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