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A Study on Flame Structure and NO Emission in FIR- and FGR-applied Methane-air Counterflow Diffusion Flames
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Flame Structure and NO Emission in FIR- and FGR-applied Methane-air Counterflow Diffusion Flames
Park, Jeong; Kwon, Oh Boong; Kim, Sewon; Lee, Changyeop; Keel, Sang-In; Yun, Jin-Han; Lim, In Gweon;
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Flame characteristics and NO emission behavior in /air-air premixed counterflow flames with applying FIR and FGR with and were investigated numerically by varying the ratios of FIR and FGR as well as global strain rate. Chemical effects of added and via FIR and FGR were analyzed through comparing flame characteristics and NO behaviors from real species( and ) with those from their artificial species( and ) which have the same thermochemical, radiative, and transport properties to those for the real species. The results showed that flame temperature and NO emission with FIR varied much more sensitively than that with FGR. Those varied little irrespective of adding , , and their artificial species to the fuel stream via FIR. However, Those were varied complicatedly by chemical effects of added and via FGR. Detailed analyses for them were made and discussed.
FIR;FGR;NO emission;Radiation heat loss;Flame extinction;
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