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Development of Android App for Suppor ting Smooth Multimedia Streaming Service Using Frame Buffer
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 Title & Authors
Development of Android App for Suppor ting Smooth Multimedia Streaming Service Using Frame Buffer
Seo, Sang-min; Kwon, Jonnho; Choi, Yoon-Ho;
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Existing Android applications for streaming video in real time are dependent on the codec, which composes the encoding function, and the version of Android operating system. Also, for streaming video in real time, most applications should be connected with a separate desktop PC. To overcome these disadvantages, we propose a new application, which records and streams video in real time. Specifically, the proposed application uses the flash video file format, which is the common media file format supported by various versions of Android operating system. Through experiments, we show that it is possible for the proposed application to record the video screens more than 20 frames per second and to stream it in real time while using the existing video encoding methods.
mobile device;android app;jni;frame buffer;stream service;
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