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A Finger Counting Method for Gesture Recognition
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 Title & Authors
A Finger Counting Method for Gesture Recognition
Lee, DoYeob; Shin, DongKyoo; Shin, DongIl;
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Humans develop and maintain relationship through communication. Communication is largely divided into verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication involves the use of a language or characters, while non-verbal communication utilizes body language. We use gestures with language together in conversations of everyday life. Gestures belong to non-verbal communication, and can be offered using a variety of shapes and movements to deliver an opinion. For this reason, gestures are spotlighted as a means of implementing an NUI/NUX in the fields of HCI and HRI. In this paper, using Kinect and the geometric features of the hand, we propose a method for recognizing the number of fingers and detecting the hand area. A Kinect depth image can be used to detect the hand region, with the finger number identified by comparing the distance of outline and the central point of a hand. Average recognition rate for recognizing the number of fingers is 98.5%, from the proposed method, The proposed method would help enhancing the functionality of the human computer interaction by increasing the expression range of gestures.
Kinect;Hand Gesture;Hand Gesture Recognition;Depth Image;
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