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Pseudo Jacket Matrix and Its MIMO SVD Channel
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 Title & Authors
Pseudo Jacket Matrix and Its MIMO SVD Channel
Yang, Jae-Seung; Kim, Jeong-Su; Lee, Moon-Ho;
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Some characters and construction theorems of Pseudo Jacket Matrix which is generalized from Jacket Matrix introduced by Jacket Matrices: Construction and Its Application for Fast Cooperative Wireless signal Processing[27] was announced. In this paper, we proposed some examples of Pseudo inverse Jacket matrix, such as , non-square matrix for the MIMO channel. Furthermore we derived MIMO singular value decomposition (SVD) pseudo inverse channel and developed application to utilize SVD based on channel estimation of partitioned antenna arrays. This can be also used in MIMO channel and eigen value decomposition (EVD).
Jacket matrix;Pseudo Jacket Matrix;Pseudo inverse;element-wise inverse;
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무선망의 효율적 전력 할당 알고리즘,안홍영;

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