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Jeju Jong-Nang Channel Code III
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Jeju Jong-Nang Channel Code III
Park, Ju-Yong; Kim, Jeong-Su; Lee, Moon-Ho;
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This paper presents "The 3-User NOR switching channel based on interference decoding with receiver cooperation" in succession to "Jeju Jong Nang channel code I, II". The Jeju Jong Nang code is considered as one of the earliest human binary coded communication (HBCC) in the world with a definite "1" or "0" binary symbolic analysis of switching circuits. In this paper, we introduce a practical example of interference decoding with receiver cooperation based on the three user Jong Nang NOR switching channel. The proposed system models are the three user Jong Nang (TUJN) NOR logic switching on-off, three-user injective deterministic NOR switching channel and Gaussian interference channel (GIC) with receiver cooperation. Therefore, this model is well matched to Shannon binary symmetric and erasure channel capacity. We show the applications of three-user Gaussian interference decoding to obtain deterministic channels which means each receiver cooperation helps to adjacent others in order to increase degree of freedom. Thus, the optimal sum rate of interference mitigation through adjacent receiver cooperation achieves 7 bits.
HBCC;3-User NOR Switching;TUJN;Interference Decoding;Genie Coding;
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