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Identification of the Structural Relationship of Basic Psychological Needs and Facebook addiction and Continuance
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Identification of the Structural Relationship of Basic Psychological Needs and Facebook addiction and Continuance
Joo, Young-Ju; Chung, Ae-Kyung; Kang, Jeong-Jin; Lee, Min-Yeong;
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SNS is developing rapidly along with diffusion of smartphone. However as useage of SNS became excessive, SNS addiction became a social problem. Meanwhile the problem that users leavning SNS because of negative perceptions about SNS became issue. As both SNS addiction and continuance are important when using SNS, this study examines factors affecting Facebook addiction and continuance. We derive three personal traits, which is autonomy, competence, relatedness as variables that affect Facebook addiction and continuance to use Facebook. The authors` structural equation model using data, collected from 204 Facebook user, showed that autonomy and competence significantly affected Facebook addiction. Also, autonomy, competence and relatedness significantly affect Facebook continuance.
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숲 환경이 인터넷 중독 치료에 미치는 효과,오창홍;박상규;박정환;오인자;

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