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An Efficient Smart Indoor Emotional Lighting Control System based on Android Platform using Biological Signal
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 Title & Authors
An Efficient Smart Indoor Emotional Lighting Control System based on Android Platform using Biological Signal
Yun, Su-Jeong; Hong, Sung-IL; Lin, Chi-Ho;
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In this paper, we propose efficient smart indoor emotional lighting control system based on android platform using the biological signal. The proposed smart indoor smart emotional lighting control system were configured as the biological signal measurement device and removable smart wall pad, lighting driver, luminaire. The control system was extracts the emotional language by measured the biological signal, and it was transmitted a control signal to each lighting driver using a bluetooth in the wall pad. The lighting driver were designed to control the lighting device through an expansion board by collected control signal and the illuminance information the surrounding. In this case, the wall pad can be selecting of manual control and the bio signal mode by that indoor emotional lighting control algorithms, and it was implemented the control program that possible to partial control by selecting the wanted light. Experiment results of the proposed smart indoor emotional lighting control system, it were possible to the optional control about the luminaire of required area, and the manual control by to adjustable of color temperature with that the efficiently adjustable of lighting by to biological signal and emotional language. Therefore, were possible to effective control for improvement of concentration and business capability of indoor space business conduct by controlling the color and brightness that is appropriate for your situation. And, was reduced power consumption and dimmer voltage, lighting-current than the existing-emotional lighting control system.
Emotion Lighting;Biological-signal;Emotional language;EEG;Expansion device;
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